Bathroom Tips

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Better bathrooms

Nothing soothes away daily stress better than a long, nurturing soak in the bath or the blissful sensation of water rushing over your body in the shower. But does your bathroom enhance what should be quality me-time or is it desperately calling for... More...

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Solution in a box

Installing a new toilet can be quite an undertaking - you have to get the right components together and assemble all the parts the correct way, at the same time making sure your plumbing is in order, it can prove to be a time-consuming... More...

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Fit and forget

Plumbers can be expensive and sometimes doing it yourself is a good money-saver. Replacing a toilet cistern flush valve is one of the simpler plumbing jobs you can easily do without enlisting the services of a... More...

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Seal the deal

Water damage in your home caused by seepage between tiles, at joints in the wall or between the wall and bath/shower is not only unsightly but can be expensive to repair. Fortunately preventing this from happening is one of those DIY tasks you can... More...