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It's bound to happen in your home at some time - that tell-tale drip-drip of a leaking tap that drives you up the wall. Not only is it an annoying sound, every drop adds to your water bill. Experts estimate a leaking tap can waste up to 1 000 litres a month.

Leaks on non-rising spindle taps are usually caused by brittle or cracked rubber washers or by over-tightening the taps, leading to abnormal pressure on the washers.

A dripping tap is easy to fix – simply visit Cashbuild for all the tools and equipment you need. Then follow the steps below and you should be able to replace the washer in half an hour.

What you'll need

Shifting spanner, screwdriver, soft cleaning cloth, rubber tap washer

Step 1 Turn off the water

Close the main water supply to the house or the angle valves under the tap so you can remove parts without getting wet and wasting water.


When the water supply has been shut off there will still be water in the pipes - turn on the tap and allow the water to run into a bucket or jug until it stops flowing. Use it to water your garden.

Step 2 Disassemble the tap

If the tap has a hot/cold indicator, remove it. A screw will be visible - remove it with a screwdriver then lift the tap handle from the body of the tap. Remove the tap's metal cover, preferably by unscrewing it by hand. If you need to use a tool for the job, protect the metal surface from being scratched.

The nut that contains the tap spindle and washer should be exposed. Adjust the shifting spanner to the correct size and use it to turn the head part of the tap anticlockwise while holding the rest of the tap steady with your free hand. Turn until the head part comes off.


  • Use a block of wood to wedge the spout so it doesn't move while you're working.
  • Put the plug in the hole to prevent small objects going down the drain.

Step 3 Replace the washer

The washer should be visible at the bottom of the space where the head was removed. The washer may be held in place with a small nut or positioned over a centre point. If held in place with a nut it could be difficult to remove. Grease the nut with a penetrating oil to ease any corrosion. Remove the nut/screw holding the washer in place. Remove the worn washer and clean the area thoroughly with a soft cloth. Insert the new washer and reassemble the tap by reversing the steps above.


Washers come in various sizes. If you're unsure which you need, you can take the old one to your nearest Cashbuild store to find a matching washer.

WHEN buying a tap find out if spare parts are available. Cashbuild carries spares for various types of leaks and to repair wear and tear on taps.

Visit your nearest conveniently located Cashbuild store for more DIY solutions and a great range of taps and mixers

For more information call the Cashbuild Customer Care line on 0860-100-582.

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