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Installing a new toilet can be quite an undertaking - you have to get the right components together and assemble all the parts the correct way, at the same time making sure your plumbing is in order, it can prove to be a time-consuming job.

Installing a toilet has never been easier - find everything you need in just one box

Cashbuild now stocks an easy solution for toilet installation - and it all comes in one, easy-to- assemble kit. The components are made with high-pressure casting which ensures a long-lasting, quality product. The pans are glazed the whole way through including the inside of the bowl, which makes them more hygienic.

This toilet-in-a-box is a close couple suite, which means the cistern sits directly on the pan and allows the transfer of water from the cistern to the pan without any other connecting piping. The cistern can be set at either four-litre or six-litre flush volume.


The flushing mechanism and plumbing should be installed by a competent plumber.

Your toilet kit consists of

  • An open-rim flush water closet pan
  • A front flush cistern (for the Thandi)
  • A seat cover and plastic fixations
  • A front flush mechanism (for the Thandi)
  • Fixation bolts

Step by step installation

  1. Fit flushing mechanism and inlet valve to cistern.
  2. Attach the cistern to the pan using fixation bolts.
  3. For best results place the pan with the cistern on a flat, even surface.
  4. Make markings on the floor surface where you're going to drill the pan fixation holes.
  5. Remove the pan and cistern and drill holes into the concrete floor.
  6. Attach the pan to the floor using screw fixations.
  7. Note: The length of the pan and cistern when installed is approximately 670 mm

Installing the toilet in a box kit is really as simple as six easy steps. It's just another convenient innovation brought to you by Cashbuild to make remodelling your home less difficult.

  • Cashbuild stores are conveniently located throughout southern Africa. Call 0860 100 582 to find the one nearest to you.

  • Models differ from store to store

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