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Nothing soothes away daily stress better than a long, nurturing soak in the bath or the blissful sensation of water rushing over your body in the shower. But does your bathroom enhance what should be quality me-time or is it desperately calling for attention?

Refurbishing your bathroom is an investment. So when drawing up your plans give careful thought to the bigger picture and the details - from placing the bath to choosing taps and other finishes.

Fortunately redecorating, repairing and improving your bathroom need not be stressful. Simply visit your nearest Cashbuild for all the tips and tools you need to beat the bathroom blues.

All their ceramic products - Basins, Pans, Pedestals and Cisterns as well as their Baths - are manufactured locally and are of excellent quality. To make life easier everything in the range is available in the same colours as the baths so you can buy a complete set. The white basins come in three sizes and you'll find matching ceramic toilet roll holders and soap dishes too.

Add a few extras such as accessories, lighting and appropriate air venting and you'll rediscover the joy of a beautiful bathroom.

Bathroom tips

Basin Ensure there's enough elbow room and space to stand in front of it.

Bath Be sure you're happy with the positioning of your bath. Build a frame with bricks and leave to set. Once the plumbing is done, pour river sand into the frame to create a firm foundation. This helps keep the bath steady and prevents cracking. Fit the bath, seal around the edges, plaster the frame and finish with paint or tiles.

Cashbuild's Baths are a standard 1,7 m long and available in white, Blue, Pink, Almond and Avocado. (check colours)

The ceramic coating protects it from mould and makes it easy to wash with detergents. Consider the white corner bath which not only takes up less space but looks attractive.

Shower If your shower is fitted over the bath the surrounding walls should have a splashback in ceramic or mosaic tiles that's at least 500 mm high, or alternatively tile to the ceiling.

Showers are water-wise - you need only a third of the water used in an average bath. They're also more hygienic. All shower doors have a natural anodised aluminium frame.

Cashbuild stocks Taps which are SABS approved as well as Ceramic Industries Pottery.

  • The products are designed to the most advanced technological standards. The pottery range includes basins, cisterns, pedestals and p-pans.
  • The tap range includes shower heads, mixer taps, stop taps and a range of tap spares.

Visit or call the Cashbuild Helpline on 0860-100-582 for more information.

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