Roofing Insulation

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Much time and money is spent on maintaining one of your biggest assets - your home. But how often do you think about insulation? Whilst insulation may not add any decorative value to your home, it can certainly improve your quality of life.

Did you know your ceiling is the largest area for heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter? By correctly insulating your ceiling with a quality product the temperature fluctuation in your home can be managed much more effectively – by keeping the interior cool in summer and warm in winter.

This also means saving on electricity since your need for additional heating or cooling sources such as air-conditioners, heaters and fans will be greatly reduced.

And because it's so simple and easy to install you can do it yourself. It's certainly worth the investment.

Installation tips

  • Select the correct roll of insulation after accurately measuring the distance between the roof beams or roof trusses.
  • Trim the product to specific sizes before entering the roof space. This can easily be done by tearing or cutting the insulation with a pair of industrial scissors or shears
  • Don't walk on the ceiling boards; walk only on the cross-beams, truss ties or balancing boards
  • Position the product above and in close contact with the ceiling. Ensure that the insulation fits snugly between roof beams and trusses
  • Ensure continuous insulation by carefully butting the ends of rolls up against each other
  • Allow a 150 mm gap around flue pipes, ceiling fans and recessed lights
  • Wrap insulation around geysers and water pipes for further energy saving
  • Use cut-offs to fill gaps, crevices and corners
  • Don't block ventilation points with insulation, including gaps between eaves and air-bricks
  • Don't put insulation in direct contact with metal chimney fabrications or flues passing through the ceiling space.
  • Don't forget to insulate under the geyser and above the trap door.

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Did you know?

  • Did you know you could apply for your Home Account from Nedbank at Cashbuild? Terms and conditions apply.
  • Correctly installed insulation will pay for itself within three years because that's how much you'll save on electricity during that period alone.
  • For a house that wasn't previously insulated, a well-insulated ceiling will make your home 20-23 per cent cooler in summer and 40-70 per cent warmer in winter.
  • Insulation is maintenance-free once you've installed it.
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