Patch a leaking roof

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You'll need: Cashbuild waterproofing paint, Cashbuild waterproofing membrane, paintbrush, scissors, wire brush, sandpaper, brush and dustpan

Step 1

Use the wire brush to remove rust spots and flaking paint from the area to be repaired, leaving the surface clean. Flaking paint can also be removed with sandpaper. Sweep the area with the brush and dustpan.

Step 2

Measure the membrane you need by placing the material to cover the area to be fixed. Make small slits where necessary so it fits snugly (eg around the chimney). It's more effective to seal the leak with a single piece of membrane than several small pieces.

Step 3

Apply a coat of waterproofing paint to the affected parts of the roof and chimney. Position the membrane patch on the wet paint and press it down. Use a wet paintbrush for pressing so the paint will seep through the fabric. Waterproofing paint and membrane are effective if the membrane binds with the surface. Check for air bubbles on the surface of the material, remove them with the brush and make sure the membrane sticks.

Apply another coat of waterproofing over the repairs, using even strokes in the same direction. Once the paint has dried apply another coat, now painting in the opposite direction.

  • Waterproofing paint comes in attractive colours to enhance the appearance of your roof.
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