Have a warmer winter

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By correctly insulating your ceiling with a quality product, temperature fluctuations in your home can be managed much more effectively - by keeping the interior of your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

Insulation and a good geyser will ensure you and your family are comfortable throughout the cold months

You'll also save on electricity since your need for additional heating or cooling devices such as air conditioners, heaters and fans will be greatly reduced.

With a wide range of insulation products on the market it's easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the right product for your home.

Ceiling board is resistant to fire, moisture, heat and mould, and insects and rats don't feed on it. It makes for a cleaner, more durable ceiling that could save on energy costs in the long term and contribute to a healthier environment.

You can also install insulation for extra protection and comfort.
Follow these easy tips when you install these products and your winter is likely to be a far warmer one.

DO . . .

  • Ensure continuous insulation by carefully butting the ends of rolls up against each other.
  • Allow a 150 mm gap around flue pipes, ceiling fans and recessed lights.
  • Wrap insulation around geysers and water pipes for further energy saving.
  • Use cut-offs to fill gaps, crevices and corners.

Don't . . .

  • Block ventilation points with insulation, including gaps between eaves and air-bricks.
  • Put insulation in direct contact with metal chimney parts or flues passing through the ceiling space.
  • Forget to insulate under the geyser and above the trap door

Installing the latest in geyser technology can also dramatically reduce energy costs and lessen the likelihood of bursting, rust or breakage. All the geysers sold by Cashbuild adhere to the highest local and international quality standards. Products are backed up by warranties and local service agents who follow stringent quality control systems at all stages of production and after-sales service.
Here are more tips to help you save energy and money:

  • Atmospheric temperatures drop significantly in winter, especially inland, and this is when geysers can drive up your energy costs because heat loss from geysers occurs far more rapidly. A simple solution is to fit a geyser blanket and to insulate all exposed hot water piping from the geyser with thermal pipe lagging, which slows down and reduces heat loss considerably.
  • Geysers work harder in winter because the thermostat switches on more frequently to heat water. In winter the temperature setting on the thermostat should be set to 65-70 ºC (preferably no higher as it would significantly increase energy usage).
    In summer the temperature setting should remain at 50-60 ºC, but never below 50 ºC as this can promote bacterial growth inside the geyser.
  • Visit your nearest Cashbuild store or call Cashbuild on 0860 100 582 for more information on quality insulation products and geysers. Cashbuild stores have all the right stuff to keep you warm this winter.
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