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With so many products on the market to choose from making a decision about roofing can be daunting. One of the important decisions is whether you want your roof covered by tiles or corrugated or IBR (inverted box rib) sheets. If you're looking for excellent insulation, stylish roof tiles are the way to go.

Cashbuild's Double Roman concrete roof tiles retain heat in winter and deflect it in summer. And you get much more than just a pretty roof – the tiles are also fire and noise resistant, durable and maintenance free. With four colour options – red, brown, charcoal and terracotta – you can let your imagination flow.

Also from Cashbuild's stable is the durable Harvey range made from high-performance and aesthetically pleasing lightweight steel roof sheeting material. Harvey tiles carries a 20 year guarantee.

If you prefer corrugated or IBR sheets the thicker sheets give better resistance against the elements and galvanising inhibits corrosion of the underlying steel. However rain is naturally acidic because of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; even unpolluted rain is normally slightly acidic with a pH of 5,6, making rusting inevitable.

So what advice does Cashbuild offer? Cashbuild says coating the metal is important, especially if you live at the coast. Prepare the surface well by ensuring it's completely clean before applying any paint.

Preparation includes proper degreasing of surfaces otherwise the paint will peel off and rust will make its flaky appearance sooner than expected.

Useful tips

  • Make sure you choose materials that are either SABS approved or fit for purpose.
  • Design, sun exposure and environmental damage such as hail, wind and heavy rainfall can affect your roof's lifespan.
  • A steeper roof pitch reduces chances of leaking.

Safety is important, especially when working on roofs. All workers must be equipped with safety lines and harnesses if required.

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