Art at Heart

At the heart of the matter

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As a brand, Cashbuild can be described as the following;

Realistic, down-to-earth, dependable, trustworthy, reliable, relevant, stable, steady, responsible, committed, straightforward, no frills, clear-cut, uncomplicated, predictable, humble, caring, sensible, rational, prudent, conscious, tried-and-tested, honest, forthright, sincere, truthful, honourable, respectable, good, principled and moral.

These descriptors align with the spirit in which Cashbuild approaches the community and delivers Art-at-Heart to all its stakeholders, consistently and in a credible manner.

Art at the heart of the community

Given Cashbuild’s commitment to educational foundations as a key pillar for future generations, it was evident that a standard and relevant tool/device be utilised that would be inclusive and relevant to any community in which Cashbuild trades.

To this end, art with its cross-cultural, multilingual appeal was selected as the catalyst for Art-at-Heart. This engages the learners twofold;

  1. Educational bias is eliminated as art knows no boundaries, is not prescriptive and allows for personal relevance and interpretation.
  2. Incorporating a Cashbuild “theme” into the art criteria, actively engages the educators, learners and parents with the Cashbuild brand.

Further to “art” being a criteria for participation, schools are encouraged to perform at each event, this extension of the project provides a showcase for schools to bring their cultural programmes to the community and collectively express their creativity, ingenuity, initiative and resourcefulness.