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You can protect your home and family with security products from Cashbuild. With a large variety of products it's your one-stop security needs shop

Cashbuild security products are easy to install and give you peace of mind that your family and home are protected.

The store has a variety of products that can help you sleep soundly, knowing that you, your family and your property – be it your home or business premises – are safe. From sturdy security gates and strong padlocks to motion detector, spot- and floodlights, Cashbuild caters for all your security needs.

Security gates

Abracon security gates come in a range of attractive designs.

Abracon security gates are an excellent deterrent against criminals and a good safety measure.

Each gate carries a two-year guarantee and conforms to high quality standards.If you're handy with an electric drill it's relatively easy to install these security gates yourself.

Comprehensive instructions and the correct installation parts, in-cluding hinges, rivets and lock-ing block, come with the gates.

Motion detector lights

Outdoor motion detector, spot-and floodlights as well as security gates on doors are great deterrents against criminal elements. With motion detector lights from Cashbuild security lighting range you can even fool potential intruders into thinking someone's home when there's no one there.

Motion detector lights switch on whenever there's movement nearby, even if you're out and about. It's highly recommended you install outside motion detector lights such as these separately and link them to the lights in one of the rooms inside your house to create the impression someone is home.

Cashbuild stocks a wide range of outdoor lights including a full range of outdoor spotlights and accessories for easy wall-mounting.

You'll also find these handy outdoor lighting products at your nearest Cashbuild store:

  • Daylight time switches

    Place them in a shaded part of the garden and the built-in light sensor will automatically switch lights on at night and off during the day.
  • LED security floodlights

    These provide effective lighting for paths, gardens and driveways.
  • Garden Spotlights PAR 38

    Position them in the garden to highlight your beautiful shrubs and trees and to provide an attractive glow.
  • Lantern fittings

    Use them on exterior walls, such as at your front door or patio doors, and in driveways to provide a stylish touch while lighting up entrances.
  • PAR 38 twin spotlights with motion detector

    These are prewired and preassembled for easy installation


Strong, good-quality locks are another valuable security measure.

Padlocks are perfect for securing gates and a 60-mm brass padlock can be used to keep personal items of value safe.

You can secure your business too – with the insurance padlock.

This rectangular, solid brass, high-security padlock with a closed shackle will keep criminals away.

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