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The value of outdoor and garden lighting is often underestimated – after all, interior lighting has a more immediate and direct impact on our daily lives. But outdoor lighting is so much more than just a means to light the way to your door.

Make the outside of your home attractive and safer with effective lighting from Cashbuild

There's the obvious advantage of adequate lighting around entrances and driveways where halogen security fittings can improve the safety of your family.

But lighting can enhance the beauty of your home: by using a few strategically placed lights in your garden and on the exterior walls you could literally see it in a new light.

Think of the mood created in the theatre by changing the lighting and imagine how you could use light and shadow to beautify your home. Cashbuild stocks a range to suit your style and needs.

Among the latest products in the range are day/night switches that allow you to automate lighting at your home or business – inside and out. This is a valuable security feature which may deter intruders as they can't tell whether you're at home as lights switch on automatically as it becomes dark

Lighting the garden at night can add a sense of drama to your garden, transforming the area when it grows dark.

Whichever option you choose Cashbuild lets you use outdoor lighting to create a magical space outside that you can enjoy throughout the year.

Outdoor and garden lighting

At Cashbuild you'll find lighting solutions for all reasons and seasons. All you have to do is to start visualising possibilities.

  • An up light at the base of a statue highlights its features; one close to a tree trunk gives a wonderful shadowy effect.
  • A wall-mounted spotlight brings wall textures and colour to life.
  • Lantern light fitting on walls next to paths are the perfect solution if you have little or no ambient light in the garden from streetlights or your home's lighting. No more risk of visitors tripping in bad light.
  • Combine exterior wall lights and adjustable spotlights strategically placed to showcase the exterior of your home.


Switch to LED for the same intensity of light at a lower wattage and save electricity.

Tips for changing lightbulbs

  • Always make sure the light is switched off. Unplug lamps.
  • Make sure bulbs are screwed in tightly as loose bulbs can cause sparks or shorts.
  • Don't touch water or any other liquid when handling the bulb, fixture or switch.
  • Dispose of old bulbs so children and pets can't find them.
  • If you have to stand on something to reach the bulb choose something that's stable such as a ladder or a sturdy chair.
  • Bright idea When removing a broken bulb cut a small potato in half, gently (and very carefully) push the cut side into the broken bulb, apply a little pressure into the socket and carefully twist anticlockwise.
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