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South Africans are the biggest consumers of electricity on the continent, especially in urban areas. Make sure you switch to energy-efficient lighting – it not only cuts down costs considerably, it's also kinder to the environment to reduce your consumption of Earth's energy resources.

Here's how

Cashbuild, has these tips for saving energy:

  • Look for the LED labels when buying light bulbs.
  • Switch off lights in rooms you're not using – or install timers to switch them off automatically after a set period.
  • Use light-coloured, loose-weave curtains to allow daylight to penetrate the room while preserving privacy.
  • LED Outdoor Bulkheads are ideal for outdoor lighting.
  • Use LED bulbs for out-door and garden lamps.

Outdoor lighting

A well-lit exterior provides great security for your home and you can use lighting cleverly in your garden to create a wonderful atmosphere. Cashbuild stocks various outdoor lights including a full range of outdoor spotlights and accessories for wall-mounting. You'll find these outdoor products at Cashbuild:

  • Daylight time switches. Place them in a shaded part of the garden and the built-in light sensor will automatically switch lights on at night and off during the day.
  • Motion-detector security lights. Sensors ensure the lights go on when you arrive home or if an intruder enters your property. The lights are easily mounted.
LED security Spot light fittings. These provide effective lighting for paths and driveways.
  • Par 38 Spotligh fittings. Position them in the garden to highlight beautiful shrubs and trees and provide an attractive glow.
  • Lantern fittings. Use them on exterior walls particularly at the front door or patio doors to provide a stylish touch while lighting up entrances.
  • RAR 38Twin spotlights including motion detector. These are prewired and pre-assembled for easy installation.
  • Use LED PAR 38 bulb

Indoor lighting

Your home is your personal space away from the outside world and creating the right mood will enhance the quality of your leisure and family time. Cashbuild has these tips for cre-ating the perfect lighting inside your home:

  • Make sure lighting is focussed on the part of the room where it's needed so you have quality light to work by.
  • Fluorescent tube lights and fixtures provide effective energy-efficient lighting for your kitchen. Fittings are interchangeable with LED tubes.
  • Use LED bulbs in the rooms you use most often.
  • Dimmers reduce light when you don't need it, allowing you to save energy and prolong the life of light bulbs.

Cashbuild's lighting technology and accessories allow you to enjoy a comfortable, elegant and well-lit lifestyle.

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