Cashbuild Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m looking for work, or attached my CV for vacant positions, Application for any job available?

A.  Cashbuild has its own recruitment website, please register your CV and look out for opportunities at

Q. I would like to apply for credit, how do I apply?
A.  At every Cashbuild store we have Nedbank representatives that can assist with a loan enquiry. Alternatively, we can redirect to Nedbank for your online application process.

Q. How much do I have left in my Cashbuild Cash Payment Card?
A.  You may log onto your account and check your balance online.

Q. How do I open a Cashbuild Cash Payment Card?
A.  For personal verification purposes, you will need to visit your closest Cashbuild store to open an account in person.

Q. What do I need to open a Cashbuild Cash Payment Card?
A.  1.  Complete CPA Pre–agreement form in store.
2.  A Valid ID / drivers' licence / passport.
3.  A valid SA cell phone number to be linked to the account.
4.  Create a 4 digit pin that is linked to the Cash Payment Card.
5.  Sign the Terms and Conditions linked to the card.

Q. How do I reset my Cashbuild Cash Payment Card pin?
A.  Visit your closest store and request a pin change. Staff at the store will action your request and you will receive an "OTP" that will have to be used by staff in store. Cashbuild staff will that access the Cash Payment machine and request a new pin, you will need to swipe you card. The terminal will then request a new 4-digit PIN, You will be requested to verify the new 4-digit PIN. The Pin is now changed.

Q. I have a Cashbuild Quotation; how do I go about making a payment?
A.  Cashbuild is listed on all major banks as a public recipient, CASHBUILD SA (PTY) LTD. Add your QTS number as a reference.

Q. Do you offer Lay Byes?
A.  We have a Cash payment card, please see more details on our Cashbuild website

Q. How do I get a quote?
A.  Click on contact us and Contact stores. Find the store closest to the delivery address.  Email the store directly for a quotation. Include your list of products, delivery address and contact number for queries. The store manager will contact you with the requested information.

Q. How long does it take to get a quotation?
A.  Normally a store will respond within 24 hours.

Q. How long does it take for E-Commerce delivery take place?
A.  We endeavour to deliver within 48HRS excluding Bricks & Cement. 


Q. Can you Email me the leaflet?
A.  You can subscribe to having the monthly leaflet emailed to you simply by going to this link below and filling in your information in the Email me Product Leaflets section.

Q. Where is my nearest store?
A.  Click on the change store on the top of the webpage, select Choose another store. Add your delivery address in "Your location".  From the address captured, the search will suggest your closest store and indicate the distance in km to the Cashbuild store/s.

Q. What do you stock?
A.  We stock a full range of building material including cement, bricks, timber, bathroom sets, plumbing, taps, tiles, paint, roofing, ceilings, tools and power tools and related products. Our full range is available online for your convenience.

Q. How do I become a Cashbuild Shopper?
A.  1. Enter: Give your cellphone number to the cashier at any Cashbuild store when you pay.
2. Opt-in: You will get a message from Cashbuild, opt-in and you will be added to the Cashbuild family.
3. Done: Win airtime, get promotions and save! T's & C's apply. Or alternatively visit the link below to register to become a Cashbuild Shopper.

Q. Can I purchase cement?
A.  Cement can be purchased in-store and Online.


Q. What types of bricks and blocks can I buy?
A.  Various types of building blocks and bricks, including paving can be purchased instore and online.  For stock availability, please ensure you select the closest Cashbuild store to your delivery address.

Q. Do you stock water tanks?
A.  Water tanks can be purchased in-store and Online.

Q. Do you sell brick force?
A.  Brick force can be purchased in-store and Online.

Q. How do I calculate my required concrete mix?
A.  Please use the Building Material Calculator for your calculating requirements, located on the top right hand corner of this page.

Q. Do you sell shade netting?
A.  Shade netting can be purchased in-store and Online.

Q. What is the price of sand?
A.  Please contact your local store for a range of building sand that Cashbuild stocks.

Q. Where can I purchase corrugated iron?
A.  Corrugated Iron can be purchased in-store and Online.

Q. Does Cashbuild stock wallpaper?
A.  We do not stock wall paper but we do have an extensive range of wall paint for your decorative needs. Please contact your local store for the complete range.

Q. Does Cashbuild stock lintels?
A.  Lintels can be purchased in-store and Online.


Q. How do I cancel my order?
A.  If for any reason you change your mind and would like to cancel an order, please inform us within 24HRS of placing your order. Please contact us on the contact number indicated on your order.


Q. Who can I call to discuss my order?
A.  Option 1:  Call the store delivering your order, this store contact number is the copy of the order E-mailed to you. 
Option 2: You may find the store contact number via the Select a store or About us store contact.
Option 3:  Call us on Toll Free 08601005820 during office hours and this number will redirect you to your closest Cashbuild store.
Option 4: E-mail us at outside office hours.

Q. My order is damaged upon delivery, what do I do?
A.  Please do not accept the damaged goods and return the damaged goods with the delivery vehicle.  Kindly endorse next to the damaged goods and indicate the quantity damaged, please do this on both copies of the tax invoice and retain one copy of the invoice.


Q. I accepted the delivery, and then realised there were damaged goods, what do I do?
A.  Please contact us immediately during office hours on the contact number indicated on your order or Tax invoice, or email us at

Q. What are Handling fees?
A.  Bricks, Blocks, Roof Tiles and Cement will incur additional Handling fees.  These Handling fees are there to offload these materials effectively and more efficiently at the delivery site.


Q. I would like a refund!
A.  Please refer the Refund, Returns and Exchange policy under the Terms and conditions, within the footer of this page.

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