Go greener this summer

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For many people gardening is like therapy. There's nothing like a bit of digging to get your frustrations out and the heart pumping.

Do you have a green thumb? Cashbuild has all the tools you need to get your shrubs growing tall and those colourful flowerbeds blooming

This summer, wouldn't it be great to be able to get all your quality gardening essentials such as wheelbarrows, spades and garden forks in one place?
Cashbuild stocks these long-lasting, top-quality products:

Digging spades to break up hard soil and dig up just about anything. They come in round-nose and open-socket shovel varieties.

Digging forks such as the four-pronged versions available at Cashbuild are the perfect tools to loosen soil so you can remove stones and rubble.

Hand trowels and forks make easy work of smaller areas in your garden such as flowerbeds.

Wheelbarrows are an invaluable tool for keen gardeners. Moving heavy items such as larger plants and shrubs is a breeze with one of these one wheeled friends to help out. If you're a more creative gardener you could even turn your wheelbarrow into a rustic, decorative feature by placing it strategically in your garden and planting colourful plants in it.

  • Visit your nearest Cashbuild store to get all the tools you need. Cashbuild has stores conveniently located throughout Southern Africa. Ask a friendly consultant to point you to the right aisle and get your garden going. For more info call 0860 100 582.
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