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You might find gardening a bit daunting if you don't have all the expertise and tools of a landscape specialist. While you can tell a rake from a hoe you might need to know more about their particular range of uses.

Take the hassle out of garden maintenance with the right tools from Cashbuild

Cashbuild not only has all the tools and materials you need for home maintenance but also stocks all the gardening equipment you'll need to help to keep your garden growing.

Tool maintenance

  • Brush dirt off garden tools with a steel brush after each use. Clean tools won't rust as easily.
  • Occasionally apply a thin coat of linseed oil to wooden tool handles to prevent them from drying and cracking.
  • In winter there's less to do around the garden so use the time to prepare for the growing season by sharpening tools that need it. Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly or linseed oil to tools for extra protection against the elements, and then pack them away.
  • Proper maintenance of a garden hose can increase its lifespan by many years. If you put it away after use it's less likely to develop kinks, be run over by a lawnmower or perish.

Good gardening

  • Choose versatile, water wise and low-maintenance plants such as Cape honeysuckle, succulents and aloes.
  • Perennial trees and shrubs are attractive and require pruning at most once a year.
  • Many bulbs are highly adaptable and will spread on their own, effortlessly adding colour to your garden.
  • Ornamental grasses require minimal trimming and act as effective groundcover.
  • For a fuss-free garden avoid tall flowers or vegetables that need staking, caging or other supports.

Quick guide to essential garden tools

Start off with safety. Take your pick from chrome leather gloves or PVC gloves to protect your hands against scratches and thorns while pruning and tidying

The waterworks. Measure from the garden tap to the furthest reaches of the garden before buying a hose to make sure you get the right length. An average garden hose from Cashbuild is 20 m x 12 mm. If you need a longer hose you can add extensions with purpose-made fittings. Remember a watering can is best for watering pot plants and small areas of the garden - it's a water wise option as you use only the amount of water needed. A hard moulded watering can won't rust or be easily pierced and it's light and easy to carry

Rake it in. Use Cashbuild's green leaf rake to get rid of unwanted leaves and clutter in the garden with minimal damage to plants. But for smoothing out newly tilled soil or breaking up clumps of dirt you'll have to call in the heavy artillery in the shape of a metal rake (right).

Get the wheel deal. A wheelbarrow is indispensable when you're moving heavy loads ranging from dirt to compost and garden tools. Opt for the poly wheelbarrow - it's made of durable plastic, won't rust and has a longer lifespan.

Dig it. Garden shovels have curved blades that taper into a point at the bottom, making them ideal for breaking up stubborn compacted soil and digging holes for planting.

Fork out. Garden forks are slightly shorter and thicker than pitchforks and very effective at loosening soil.

Hoe, hoe hoe . . . and the weeds are gone. It's a quick fix for breaking up slightly compacted soil.

Visit your nearest Cashbuild store to get all the tools you need. Cashbuild has stores conveniently located throughout Southern Africa. Ask a friendly consultant to point you to the right aisle and get your garden going. For more info call the Cashbuild Customer Care line on 0860-100-582

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