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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your home? Space is at a premium for most of us and it's not easy to get rid of things you've collected over a lifetime to free up valuable storage.

This step-by-step storage solution from Cashbuild will help clear clutter

This is when you need Cashbuild. Wall mounted shelving offers you neat and quick storage solutions, allowing you to stash items such as books, tools, toys and anything else that could turn into clutter. For added convenience Cashbuild stocks all the tools and materials for the job.

What you'll need

Pencil, drill, drill bits, spirit level, screws, wall plugs to match the screws, screwdriver, wall brackets, hammer and shelves

  • Ask your Cashbuild sales consultant which screws and wall plugs are best for your shelving in terms of the weight it will have to support. Also find out which size and type of drill bit you'll need for the surface to which you plan to attach the shelving.


Decide where you want to place the shelving. Make sure the holes for all brackets will be well away from electrical wiring inside the wall. For the purpose of illustration we've used a 1,5 m shelf and two brackets. For longer shelves you may need additional brackets.


Using the pencil, lightly mark the position of the screws that will hold the brackets in place. Use a spirit level to make sure the marks are at the same height for both brackets.


Drill the holes for the wall plugs at the pencil marks.


Gently tap in each wall plug with a hammer until it's flush with the wall.


When all the wall plugs are securely in place attach the brackets to the wall with the screws. Place the shelf on the brackets and double-check with the spirit level that it's level. Centre the shelf on the brackets and on the underneath of the shelf use a pencil to mark the holes where the bracket will be attached. Drill small holes in the shelf at the pencil marks, return the shelf to the brackets and attach with screws.

Cashbuild has stores throughout Southern Africa and trained staff is on hand seven days a week to help you with queries. Or call the Cashbuild Customer Care number 0860-100-582 or go to for more info.

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