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Buying a home is probably your biggest investment so make sure it retains or increases its value by maintaining it properly. Being a proud homeowner is a long-term commitment and it's best to manage the maintenance of your investment with quality products.

A new coat of quality paint can increase the value of your home

Cashbuild is your countrywide one-stop shop where you'll find all you need for the upkeep and improvement of your home. This includes quality paint ranges for interior and exterior use.

What you're looking for is a paint that will brighten the appearance of your home while offering protection to all its surfaces. Paint protects exterior walls from water penetration which may result in the degradation of bricks and plaster. It also protects against mould on rough surfaces.

Painting your roof, gutters and downpipes will enhance the appearance of your home while protecting it from the elements. Roof surfaces, usually made of cement-based products, galvanised iron or PVC, deteriorate over time, ending up looking dull and faded. Fungi, rust and other stains also take their toll. By using the right paint product you protect these surfaces against nature and the ravages of time, reducing the need for costly repairs and maintenance.

Which product is best? Oil-based paints are generally used for exterior or interior surfaces that are exposed to wear and tear such as kitchens and bathrooms. Remember when buying these paints to get white spirits or turpentine for cleaning brushes

Water-based paints are used mostly on interior walls. Brushes and rollers can be cleaned with soap and water. Use specialist products when painting your roof.

Roof tips

  • Use sugar soap to clean surfaces thoroughly before applying coating.
  • Remove algae and fungi using a wire brush or hard-bristle brush with household bleach diluted one part water to one part bleach.
  • Make sure all leaks are fixed before you paint and treat the roof with any of the waterproofing products at Cashbuild. This will protect the interior of your home from the damage caused by leaks.

Tip: When cleaning the roof remember to protect your hands and eyes. Leave the surface to dry for an hour, then scrub with fresh water to remove all traces of bleach and dirt.

For more information call the cashbuild customer care line on 0860-100-582. cashbuild stores are conveniently located throughout Southern Africa.

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