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Geysers are a major contributor to rising energy costs, especially during winter when they lose more heat faster due to the colder weather. Cashbuild offers these tips to help you save energy and money.

Use our tips to save on your electricity bill

  • Fit a geyser blanket.
  • Insulate all exposed hot water piping from the geyser with thermal pipe lagging, which slows down and reduces heat loss considerably.
  • In regions that experience frost during winter, such as inland areas, geysers should be set at 65-70 ºC. At the coast, where temperatures don't fall to the same extent, geysers should be set at 60 ºC. In summer geysers should be set at 50-60 ºC, but never below 50 ºC as this can promote bacteria growth inside the geyser.
  • Regularly check your geyser's thermostat and element as excessive lime scale build-up on the element pocket might result in the geyser heating the water to a higher temperature than the setting on the thermostat. This contributes to excessive water-heating costs.
  • Take shorter baths and showers. Taking a long bath and repeatedly topping up with hot water when the temperature drops significantly increases energy consumption.
  • Bath and shower in the late afternoon or early evening. If you reduce the hot water draw-off from your geyser by 20 per cent or more in winter - when the cost of electricity is at a premium - you will not only save on your energy and water bills, it will also impact positively on the national energy grid.
  • When bathing first run the hot water before adjusting with cold water. In winter an empty bath is colder - especially the older, steel enamel baths - so when hot water is run into the bath the temperature of the water is automatically reduced.
  • Remember that showering uses much less water than taking a bath.

All geysers carried by Cashbuild adhere to strict SABS manufacturing and quality standards. Products are backed by warranties and after-sales service while the geysers are under the specified guarantee period, and after-sales service is carried out by the manufacturer or by locally appointed service agents.
Speak to an in-store Cashbuild consultant to find out more about the best geyser for you.

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