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After much deliberation you've decided the time has come to extend your home. It's an exciting prospect, especially since the changes you're planning are aimed at expanding your home. To get the best value for the money you'll invest you need to take great care in tackling this building project. But it shouldn't only suit your pocket - it's essential what you build lasts.

Cashbuild provides rocksolid advice if you have plans to build

Fortunately you have Cashbuild in your corner - Cashbuild, southern Africa's biggest building materials retailer. They'll give you great building advice and their prices are guaranteed to knock high costs out cold.

If you've never done anything like this before, you may feel a bit lost as to where to start. First things first: you need a building plan and a reputable contractor - one who will see your project through till the end. Don't opt for the first name in the phone directory. Rather ask around. Neighbours, friends, family and colleagues are great sources for recommendations and references are there for a reason so check them out.

Building materials

If you're not in the building trade working out the cost of materials can be tricky. With Cashbuild it's as easy as pie - take your building plan to them and they'll give you a free costing on the materials you'll need. Make sure the materials you choose are either SABS approved or fit for purpose. It's also worth your while looking for the best prices at Cashbuild - their bulk deposit facility enables you to pay upfront for all the building materials you need. No need to tag along or waste precious time going to the shop every time your contractor needs materials. Stringent controls have been put in place to protect you.

Your contractor

Your contractor should provide you with a registered membership number as proof of belonging to a recognised builders' association such as the Masters Builders Association (MBA) or the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC).

The contractor must enrol your home with the NHBRC. When problems or queries arise, council will inspect your premises for free. Don't rush into anything, especially where contracts are concerned. Be sure you're clear on what your contractor can offer you.

The contract should include total price for the project and a payment schedule. Don't ever pay cash upfront for labour. Include a detailed project plan and time lines.

Make sure you both stick to it. Your contractor is responsible for removing all waste and building material from your premises.

Insist on seeing proof of liability insurance and worker's compensation coverage.

For more info call the Cashbuild Helpline on 0860-100-582.


  • The Masters Builders Association (MBA) is a national registered employers' organisation which represent contractors and employers operating in the building industry.
  • The National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) protects the interest of housing consumers and promotes the interests of persons occupied in the business or profession of home building through regulation.
  • For more info call the Masters Building Association on 011-805-6611 or visit or the National Home Builders Registration Council on 011-317-0000 or visit

Product tips

  • Cashbuild is as the largest retailer of cement, selling over a million tons of cement a year. They suggest you buy only quality SABS approved cement.
  • Buy all your concrete bricks at once so you get bricks with the same composition to prevent plaster cracking. Save by buying in bulk because Cashbuild can arrange direct and free delivery of bricks and cement from the manufacturer to your building site.
  • Damp course is extremely important and prevents rising damp from the foundations.
  • Face bricks are low maintenance whereas concrete bricks need to be plastered and painted every few years.
  • Save more money by registering for Cashbuild's Very Important Customer (VIC) programme if you're planning a building project. Conditions apply.
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