Have you ever dreamed of building your own home?

Ever thought about how it would feel to give your family safety, privacy, comfort, a place of love and warmth for many years to come? 

Start your process!Building your own home

Perhaps you didn’t know where to start.

Owning your own home is an achievement we can all be proud of.
Questions such as:

Do I have enough money?


How do I know how much material I will need?


How do I get Municipal approval?


Where can I get a qualified and reputable builder or architect?

Zakhelikhaya - Your partner in building your dream home

Zakhelikhaya has identified this gap in the journey of building your home and has brought together partners such as Capitec, Cashbuild and local builders/architects to work together and make your dream come true.
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Plan & Finance

Zakhelikhaya will provide house plan options.

You can apply for finance with Capitec or your preferred bank


If you earn between R3501 and R22 000, you may qualify for a subsidy with First Home Finance from the NHFC

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Ask the store manager to show a list of approved builders. Cashbuild does not take responsibility for the building process. You must ensure that the builder you use is NHBRC qualified.

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When you have purchased your building plans, you must still ensure that they are approved by the local municipality.


Cashbuild will provide the quantities and quotes for all the building material needed for the house plan you buy.

By spending more than 60% of the cost of building materials, you will get a refund for the cost of the building plan. Keep your receipt in hand.

Building Plans

Zakhelikhaya - Your partner in building your dream home

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