Since the Art-at-Heart campaign was launched 16 years ago, Cashbuild has helped more than 2200 schools in Southern Africa with over R26-million worth of building materials.

Makeover for Windhoek schools

A new school hall, classroom floors and lock replacements are just a few of the things on the wish list of schools in the Windhoek area.  Auas, M.H. Greeff and Moses //Garoeb Primary School are three of the eight schools that each received Cashbuild building material vouchers to the value of N$12 000 on 1 November 2012 at the Cashbuild Windhoek Store Opening Ceremony.

Moses //Garoeb Primary School’s Principal M M Gaowetse said: “Our win was a big surprise to the school. We have a half built school hall and we have been struggling to finish it, now we finally can.”
Principal Gerson Koncoro from Auas Primary School was very excited. He said: “We plan to renovate our school by painting and fixing the classroom floors.”                       

M.H. Greeff Primary School Principal George Kantetu said: “We are very proud of our learners and the teacher. We would like to finish the school’s fencing, painting and replacing locks.”

At the official Cashbuild Windhoek store opening ceremony on 1 November, when the building material vouchers totaling N$96 000 will be presented to all eight schools, the children will entertain everyone with singing, cultural dances and theatrical performances.

The Cashbuild Art-at-Heart competition entails learners from each school submitting their best artwork to Cashbuild. This artwork is displayed at the ceremony, and then remains on display in the Cashbuild store for the next five years.

Artwork was judged and three winners from each school were named. Winners received Cashbuild Art-at-Heart gold, silver and bronze certificates for first, second and third place respectively. The Manager’s Choice award was also presented to the lucky winner, Divan Gariseb from Auas Primary School for the artwork competition. This award was announced on the day and the winner received a stationery pack and a glass trophy.

The schools and children that benefited from the Cashbuild Art-at-Heart donations were:

Auas Primary School

N$12 000  

Gold - Henio Kihuto


Silver - Tussevo Mila


Bronze - Eliaser Hangula


Marti Ahtisaari Primary School

N$12 000

Gold - Mendestus Leopold


Silver - Weshey Matroos


Bronze - Josef Nghipandulwa


M.H. Greeff Primary School

N$12 000

Gold - Mowaya Swartz


Silver - Debora Higoam


Bronze - Morgan Elifas


Moses/Garoeb Primary School

N$12 000

Gold - Ronaldo Noariseb


Silver - Immanuel Fransisco


Bronze - Sam Shiwagala


Otjomuise Project School

N$12 000

Gold - Hongonekua Ukaurua


Silver - Mario Kariseb


Bronze - Paulus Kaffer


Theo Katjimuine Primary School

N$12 000

Gold - Roberto Muundjua


Silver - Hosemas Bianca


Bronze - Reura Kandjii


Baum Garts Brunn Primary School

N$12 000

Gold - Stefan Nareseb


Silver - Lourence Betswana


Bronze - Malthilde Gereses


Aris Primary School

N$12 000

Gold - Veronika Kavindja


Silver - Elizabeth Inanus


Bronze - Elrieda Garises


Since the Art-at-Heart campaign was launched twelve years ago, Cashbuild has helped more than 1 500 schools in Southern Africa with over R16-million worth of building materials. Cashbuild is BEE compliant and every time a store is opened, relocated or refurbished, Cashbuild not only makes donations to local schools, but also creates jobs for community members.

The Art-at-Heart competition is a Southern African Cashbuild initiative whereby donations are made to some of the region’s most needy schools.

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