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Tiling tips

Important tiling tips

To find out the number of tiles to buy, measure how wide and how high or long the area is that you want to tile.

Installing ceiling tiles

The surface must be dry, free of grease, hard, quite smooth and absorbant, free of old wallpaper and glue. Very absorbant surfaces must be sealed with a primer of DECOR adhesive diluted with water in a 1:6 ratio. Flaking plaster must also be sealed with primer. A surface that has been affected by fungus needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Drilling a hole in tiles

Make an + with masking tape on the exact spot where you want to drill the hole. This stops your drill from skipping around.

Style it with tiles

Our great selection of tiles will transform any room in your home

Replace a cracked tile

You'll need: Tile, tile adhesive, grout, claw hammer, cold chisel, builder's bucket, tile trowel, sponge, safety goggles, brush and dustpan, spirit level, old screwdriver.

DIY tile-fixing

Tiles are versatile for covering, protecting and beautifying many surfaces in your home. They're ideal for walls and floors and are easy to clean and maintain so they're both practical and decorative.

Mosaic Magic

Ceramic tile mosaic sheets offer an attractive, simple way to resurface your shower floor. Everything you need to get the job done quickly and with minimal fuss is available from Cashbuild, your consumer champion. Follow these easy steps to tile your shower floor in a few hours.

Replace a damaged floor tile

What you need: replacement tile, small chisel or screwdriver, brush and dustpan, tile adhesive, notched trowel, grout, spackle plate, sponge.

Seal the deal

Water damage in your home caused by seepage between tiles, at joints in the wall or between the wall and bath is not only unsightly but can be expensive to repair. Fortunately preventing this from happening is one of those DIY tasks you can easily tackle as long as you prepare the surfaces properly, show the necessary patience and get good quality sealants and all the tools you need from your consumer champion Cashbuild.

Tile a splashback

Ceramic tiles are the best choice for kitchen and bathroom surfaces because they with stand liquid spills and can be wiped clean.

Tiling is tops

Tiles are wonderful they not only look good, they enhance the general appearance and value of your home. And once you know the potential of tiles there's no end to the number of ways you can use them. Traditionally we associate tiling with bathrooms and kitchens but tiles are also ideal for areas such as the patio because they're easy to clean, hygienic and cost-effective.