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Sustainability Report

Cashbuild‘s Model for Corporate Sustainability

Cashbuild's approach to corporate sustainability is informed by the Company's own interpretation of the widely accepted triple bottom line approach. This approach is termed the 'Profit, People, Planet' (PPP) model.
The underlying objective of the model is to ensure that Cashbuild focuses the appropriate degree of attention on each of these areas, taking into account the impact of each aspect on the Company's performance, as well as the impact that the Company has on its stakeholders in each area. This in turn ensures that Cashbuild maximises its opportunities for sustained financial and non-financial success in the short, medium and long term.

In the broadest possible sense, sustainability is defined by Cashbuild as "maximising the Company's chances of continued existence in the future". More specifically, and borrowing from the established definition of sustainable development, it can be defined as the utilisation of current resources without detriment to future generations. For Cashbuild, the concept of sustainability is not limited to the Company's impact on investors, society and the environment, but also includes the impact of social and environmental considerations on the Company's ability to continue sustaining itself and supporting those individuals and organisations that depend on its success.
The concept of value creation is becoming increasingly recognised within Cashbuild as a measure of the Company's sustainability. In this context, the value created by the Company is certainly not limited to financial returns, but also includes the somewhat less tangible value that the Company adds through its operations to the communities in which its stores are located, as well as the value that can be created through mitigation of the Company's environmental impacts (for example through emissions reduction initiatives). These various measures of value, and the interdependencies that they represent, all play a significant role in the Company's efforts to grow and develop in the future.

The broader external environment in which Cashbuild operates, including the various macro-economic and geo-political factors identified elsewhere in this report, will of course influence, either positively or negatively, the Company's attempts to create value for its stakeholders. In response, Cashbuild will continue to proactively and consistently monitor these factors, and take the action required.

Sustainability Diagram

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