Since the Art-at-Heart campaign was launched 16 years ago, Cashbuild has helped more than 2200 schools in Southern Africa with over R26-million worth of building materials.


Oshakati gets N$96 000 from Cashbuild's Art-at-Heart

Mr Andries Nanyanga, principal of Ondjora Combined School was particularly excited to hear the news that, along with seven lucky schools, Ondjora has won a Cashbuild building materials voucher for N$12 000. The vouchers were presented to the schools at the Cashbuild Oshakati store opening ceremony on 17 March 2011.

Mr Nayanga said: “We plan to adopt chickens from the community and build chicken coops to assist the learners in their agriculture class. We will buy fencing, mesh wire, cement, metal sheets and various other materials to build the coops. This is a very exciting project and we are so grateful that Cashbuild has made this possible.”

Ongwediva Control Primary School principal, Mr. Hofni Kapolo said: “There are various mini projects we want to complete with the voucher from Cashbuild. We plan to purchase building materials to build a netball court for the school learners, as well as finish building the school hall which is a combined community project. Thank you Cashbuild!”

At the official Cashbuild store opening on 17 March, when the vouchers totaling N$96 000 were presented to all eight schools, the children showed their appreciation by entertaining everyone with singing, cultural dances and theatrical performances.

The Cashbuild Art-at-Heart competition entails learners from each school submitting their best artwork to Cashbuild. This artwork was displayed at the Oshakati opening ceremony, and will remain on display in the Cashbuild store for the next five years.

Artwork was judged and three winners from each school were named. The winning children received Cashbuild Art-at-Heart gold, silver and bronze certificates for first, second and third place respectively. The Manager’s Choice award was also presented to the lucky winner of the artwork competition. This award was announced on the day - Hilka Thomas from Oniimwamdi J.P. School received a stationery pack and a glass trophy.

The schools that benefited from the Cashbuild Art-at-Heart donations and the children that received the certificates are:

• Ehenye Primary School N$12 000  
  Gold Award- Saltiel Shimbonde  
  Silver Award- Hitjivirue Filemon  
  Bronze Award- Onesnus Imanuel  
• Oshakati Primary School N$12 000
  Gold Award- Jacob Nakafingo  
  Silver Award- Ndinonya Tangeni  
  Bronze Award- Hanena Filemon  
• Ongwediva Control Primary School N$12 000
  Gold Award- Syria Ndakolute  
  Silver Award- Bomba J Moses  
  Bronze Award- Ndiwakalunga Ndafatate  
• Okatana Primary School N$12 000
  Gold Award- Aron Uudhila  
  Silver Award- Petrus Shiixuleni  
  Bronze Award- Cyrlirus Angula  
• Oniimwamdi Primary. School N$12 000
  Gold Award- Jafet Lazarus  
  Silver Award- Nakale Beata  
  Bronze Award- Justine Uupinge  
• International Primary School N$12 000
  Gold Award- Hoon Philemon  
  Silver Award- David Hatutale  
  Bronze Award- Justin Hangala  
• Ondjora Combined School N$12 000
  Gold Award- Paulus Akundungila  
  Silver Award- Dumeni Andreas  
  Bronze Award- Pius Iikango  
• Oshakati West Primary School N$12 000
  Gold Award- Noraad Claasen  
  Silver Award- Meameno Frans  
  Bronze Award- Kendo Diergaardt  
Since the Art-at-Heart campaign was launched ten years ago, Cashbuild has helped more than a thousand schools with over R10-million worth of building materials. Cashbuild is BEE compliant and every time a store is opened, relocated or refurbished, Cashbuild not only makes donations to local schools, but also creates jobs for community members.

The Art-at-Heart competition is a southern African Cashbuild initiative whereby donations are made to some of the region’s most needy schools.

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