Since the Art-at-Heart campaign was launched 16 years ago, Cashbuild has helped more than 2200 schools in Southern Africa with over R26-million worth of building materials.


Maake gets R108 000 from Cashbuild's Art-at-Heart

Cashbuild Art-at-Heart Covers Culture Classroom
Miss Moila, Principal of Maake Primary, no longer needs to worry about her pupils having to do culture practices in the blazing sun or the wind and rain. Her school took part in the Cashbuild Art-at-Heart competition, and Maake Primary School is one of nine schools in Maake who received a Cashbuild building material donation of R12,000. Miss Moila will be using her schools donation to erect a room to be used as a hall, arts and culture centre or a sports centre.

A total of R108 000 worth of building materials has been donated to local Maake schools to celebrate Cashbuild’s Maake store opening. The donations were presented at the official Maake Cashbuild store opening on 31 October where the school children showed their appreciation by entertaining everyone with cultural dances, theatrical performances and traditional singing.
In the past year alone, including Thursdays donations, Cashbuild has donated a total of R288 000 worth of building materials to 27 schools in the Limpopo area.

Children from each of the schools submitted their best artwork to Cashbuild, which was displayed at the Maake store opening, and more importantly, in the Maake store for the next five years. The best art work from the nine schools was judged and each school had three winners who  each received a Cashbuild Art-at-Heart gold, silver and bronze certificate.
The manager’s choice award, which is the lucky overall winner of the artwork competition, was also announced on the day and received a stationery voucher and a glass trophy.
The schools that  benefited from the Cashbuild Art-at-Heart donations are:

Mhangweni Primary School R12,000  
Marumofase Primary School R12,000
Sepeke Primary School R12,000
Thimangeni Primary School R12,000
Khopo Primary School R12,000
Montsheng Primary School R12,000
Maroboni Primary School R12,000
Maake Primary School R12,000
Gavaza Primary School R12,000

Since the Art-at-Heart campaign was launched in 2001, Cashbuild has helped more than 1, 500 schools with over 16 million rands worth of building materials.  Cashbuild is BEE compliant, and every time a store is opened, relocated or refurbished, Cashbuild not only makes donations to local schools, but also creates jobs for community members.

The Art-at-Heart competition is a national Cashbuild initiative whereby donations are made to some of the country’s most needy schools.

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