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Corporate Governance

Cashbuild is committed to embracing good corporate governance practices and subscribes to the philosophy of the Code of Corporate Practices and Conduct as set out in the King III Report, related requirements of the JSE and the International Integrated Reporting Framework by the International Integrated Reporting Council. Cashbuild is furthermore committed to complying with all legislation, regulations and best practices in every country and jurisdiction where it conducts business.


Board Committees

Audit and Risk Commitee

Remuneration Committee

Nomination Committee

Social and Ethics Committee

IT Governance Committee

D Masson (CC) I M C - M
IS Fourie C M - - -
HH Hickey M - - M -
AGW Knock I C M - C
DSS Lushaba M - - -  
NV Simamane M - - C  
WF de Jager I I - M M
AE Prowse I I - M M
SA Thoresson I - - - M
A Van Onselen I - - - M
CC - Chairman of the Board
CC - Chairperson of the committee
M - Member of the committee
I - Attendance by invitation


In terms of paragraph 8.63(a) of the JSE Listings Requirements, the Group has published its application of King III on its website. There are no material changes to the content of this report compared to the 2014 Integrated Report, other than a greater emphasis on providing additional supplementary information on the Group's strategic direction, risk and sustainability initiatives. This includes supplying additional environmental information. Cashbuild's Board acknowledges that where it considers it to be in the best interest of the Company, it can adopt a practice different from that recommended in King III, but must explain its decisions. Cashbuild endorses and continuously assesses the principles of the Code and, where necessary, tailors these as appropriate to the organisation.

Based on the outcome of an independent corporate governance compliance review facilitated by PwC during September 2011, Cashbuild committed to action plans for improvement and recorded them in a three-year roadmap. The roadmap was completed in June 2015.

Cashbuild has subscribed to the Institute of Directors Southern Africa's assessment instrument (GAI). For more on GAI, refer to Application of the GAI provides the stakeholders of the Company with assurance that the principles of good governance as laid out in King III have been applied, as evidenced by the process of a complete and credible standardised review of all the supportive practices, and that adherence to JSE Listings Requirements has been appropriately reviewed. The result of this review exercise is available on the Cashbuild website under Investor Relations in the Corporate Governance section: The process of completing the governance assessment is cyclical in nature and will be repeated annually with action steps stemming therefrom.

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